My Friend, Mr Clegg

One of my oldest and best friends, Graham Clegg, passed away last year, and during this time of year, makes me wish he was here to join in the fun and silliness of the Oscars.

From the first night we did this, 25 years ago, he was always determined to win. Thinking he knew best.

And for many years he came close but was always just missing out on a risky choice here or there.

It finally paid off for him at the 8th Annual. Collecting his winnings and the “highly” sought after trophy, when we used to host it at the ‘Old’ Victory Cafe in Toronto.

Winning never happened again for Graham, but he continued every year to try and drum up more recruits to it (probably in the hope of a bigger prize for him to win)

Even after I moved to the UK, every Oscar night was a chance for us to reconnect. 

For this the 25th year, it won’t be the same without him. 

He was passionate about film.  Supportive of my little hobby from the start. And I’ll be forever grateful to have known him.